Jenny Mellings

Jenny is currently involved with making work that’s based on natural phenomena, the unexplained and the fantastical met whilst moving through the landscapes of rural Somerset by various means of transport. This is part of a wider inquiry into significant visions and real life encounters that are close to the mystical, some of which may be as extraordinary as those of ancient myths and legends, but with significance in relation to our contemporary world. These ideas are being pursued through painting with local earth, moving, as the project develops, to other media and approaches, drawing in the experiences of others.

Jenny Mellings resides in South Somerset, often walking, cycling and traveling further afield by train. Her preoccupations include landscape, current events, remote places, space travel, the virtual world, memory and the metaphysical in modern life. These and other themes are ruminated over, and visions made manifest through painting, drawing, film, animation and photography, with potential to further evolve via alternative agencies. Jenny has worked in South West England as a fine art lecturer, art history teacher and curator of young people’s exhibitions. She also leads gallery/ museum workshops, and participatory projects informed by a multiplicity of subjects, perspectives and media.

Instagram: @jjmoeuvres