Megan Wakelam

Megan received Creative Pathways bursary this year to develop and showcase her new works at Clayhill Arts, alongside with artist Pennie Elfick (Project Development Bursary artist) & Emma Housley (Creative Pathways Bursary artist) Follow the latest development also via Clayhill Art Instagram :

Megan graduated in Fine Art from Plymouth University and is continuing to explore a growing project of site-specific paintings in Taunton. Her collection of large abstract work encapsulates ideas of landscape and space. The art responds to the environments she immerses herself in, drawing inspiration from adventures and the journeys that form between. A fascination for our surrounding entities of sea, sky and land has led to the depiction of vast atmospheres and echoes the changing landscape. This also prompted Megan to start producing eco-pigments from natural materials sourced locally and on-site.

As an emerging artist in Somerset, I am excited by the vast opportunities that will arise through receiving this bursary. Producing work within the rural location of Clayhill Arts will complement my landscape-based practice and I look forward to working alongside artist Pennie Elfick. This will strengthen my work and provide a creative atmosphere for the cultivation of new ideas and collaboration. Group art critiques and integrating with other artists are essential for my growth as an artist and having this regular support will help drive my development as a creative professional.
Instagram: @meganwakelamart