Fiona Hingston

Fiona received Project Development Bursary in 2019 to develop her ambition, including a solo exhibition at Black Swan Art in Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2019.

Fiona Hingston lives and works in a village on the Mendips. For twenty years she has recorded aspects of this landscape through drawing, photography, found objects and book works. Over the past couple of years her observations have become disrupted by the growing awareness of quiet erosion. Silent barns, decaying farm buildings, mono culture crops and vanishing flora and fauna. She sees this locale loss as directly connecting to wider issues of commercial standardisation and a diminishing of both environmental and cultural diversity.

The bursary is a means of exploring how to make work that in some form addresses these concerns. As a start I have embarked on mentoring sessions with Fiona MacDonald of Feral Practice who has proposed avenues of research that includes amongst other things, a recommendation of writers, exhibitions and events as well as directing me to artists whose concerns echo my own. This research will feed into a forth coming exhibition at the Black Swan, Frome in September. As an artist with a predominantly solitary studio based practice the bursary also offers the opportunity to connect and respond with the other artists also taking part in this initiative.

Instagram @fiona.hingston