Jane Mowat

Jane received Project Development Bursary in 2019. She will be showing her work at her studio at Hurstone Studio during Art Weeks Festival 2019.

Jane Mowat works primarily with wood, producing woodcuts using the natural form and surface to inspire her images.  She also carves reliefs and more recently three dimensional sculptures, always using the wood to guide how she cuts and shapes her forms.  Her background in Art History has in many ways made her conscious of culture and the way the artists’ imagination can be caught up with history or contemporary narrative.  In the last few years she has become increasingly involved in creating installations in the environment using carvings, glass and photography, and become interested in extending her practice into other media and contexts.

“I am developing several strands of interest, in installation, carving, and also photography/film/sound.  The bursary will help me to develop a series of drawings that look at cliffs and mountains, basically re-examining how my drawing can help me feel my way into this kind of landscape and its structures.  I have started carving rock-type shapes into blocks of wood and am fascinated as to how its grain and forms can resemble the geology of our mountains, shaped by the chisels of wind, frost and ice.

At the same time I will use the bursary to learn more about sound and film technology.  I would like to see how time-based images using film and sound can explore environment and another dimension outside the tactile and physical. This will start in local rivers and forests, and I look forward to this journey of discovery.”