Amanda Lynch

Amanda received Creative Pathways this year to develop and showcase work at Close Ltd. during Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2019.

Amanda received fine arts BA (Hon) from De Montfort University, Leicester and a Master’s degree in Arts specializing in sculpture. She is from London but have recently moved to Somerset, I live and work in Somerset/London as my surroundings become my studio from a kitchen table to a coffee shop. I work mainly in sculpture but have recently moved more towards multimedia art works, letting the work take form in many ways other than just one.

The Creative Pathways Bursary would allow me to explore and push my studio practice in new ways, focusing on different surroundings it will be a fantastic opportunity to see how this will reflect in the work. By being part of this bursary it would give me the opportunity to work in a studio on a focused project, working alongside other artists I may not have exposure to otherwise.

‘My proposed area of research is to explore the concept and role of money within western culture for an artist today.  I want to develop this notion due to my own personal circumstances over the past year. As an artist/ young person today money can be completely controlling of what we do, how we make art and what we then sell art for. Money is not just a commodity or luxury it today is a necessity. This project has been influenced by my previous work. Which was exploring how high end projects use money and sex to sell there items. I am heavily influenced by my current surroundings such as the media whether this is printed media (magazines), online, television or radio I am also influenced by my art studio surroundings and the process of making. Is the process of making art influenced by how much money the artist has to put into making a new work? Exploring my own personal circumstances as an artist and my own relation to money, does money affect studio practice of an artist? Will be my main ideas, I will be using cheap materials and found objects (to keep costs down) to try and produce artwork that does not look “cheap”. ‘

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