It is very important to me for younger artists in rural areas, such as Somerset, to have similar opportunities to those living in cities are more artist-centric areas. This is what inspired my proposal for an open call exhibition specifically for artists aged 18-24, allowing them to tell the stories of their adolescence experiences and also giving them the exposure they need to begin their careers. This is also in reference to my own personal practice, which is centred around nostalgia, the teen experience, whilst also being influenced by 90’s popular culture.

Meeting the other artists chosen for the Creative Pathways bursary was really great, it is such a lovely group of artists varying practices which I think complement each other brilliantly. Our first group meeting helped me further form my ideas, and put together a more specific timeline of my project. I can’t wait to get started on my project and to meet the other artists again – perhaps this could lead to a future Creative Pathways collaboration!