Somerset Questionnaire of Contemporary Fables

Following on from my previous post I’ve had a few more adventures in the landscape of South Somerset, including encountering an emu, tramping lanes in heavy rain and fog, and being chased by a large herd of cattle (on a public footpath)! Short accounts are starting to arrive of the experiences of others, and I would like to invite YOU reader, to submit a story (anything up to 500 words, but could be far less) that you would like to share. The questionnaire is as follows: (+ see below):

As part of Somerset Art Weeks festival 2019,  I am attempting to record and possibly map, memorable, perhaps mystical experiences that people have had whilst  walking, running, cycling , horse-riding , swimming or using other non-mechanised forms of transport in any part of Somerset. I would like to hear of any out-of -the- ordinary events that have happened to you or somebody you know that might loosely fit into any of the categories listed below. The initial aim is for selected experiences to be represented somehow as part of an exhibition during the Somerset Art Weeks festival in late September 2019. It is not yet known what form the work will take, as this depends upon response to the call out, and location of the exhibition. It is likely that a book, map-work or installation will result from elements generated by these accounts, but it’s possible that some may find their way into my paintings as well..


All experiences described should preferably be first hand. They could be things that have happened at any point in your life. I am particularly interested in stories relating to encounters  with nature, the elements, and ‘wildlife’. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may be interested! Responses invited from people of ALL backgrounds, perspectives ages etc.

Relevant first hand experiences could include any of the following:

∙ A memorable real life event that could be special and personal to you – this could be something quite ordinary, and positive or less so!

∙ Extraordinary weather conditions.

∙ A sudden revelation whilst out walking/riding/swimming/working etc. by a view, an animal, the weather, or a stranger met along the way – at any time in life.

∙ Strong visual memories of real life events that have left an impact and relate to Somerset – such as a murmuration across the Somerset Levels, or anything, including the mundane and ordinary, that had a powerful impact, and relates to a particular place.

∙ Phenomena that have been ‘seen’, heard or felt that remain unexplained  or out of place – possibly paranormal experiences involving visions, ‘ghosts’ or sensory illusions.

∙ A site of loss, where something once was, or interesting traces.

∙ Events perceived as visitations or spiritual experiences in any location or situation including  the air space above or water within Somerset.

∙ The discovery of a fascinating and/or unusual insect/plant/animal etc.

∙ Something else that you feel is relevant!

Please describe your experiences (via email) in as much detail as you can, along with a location/place/road name (a grid reference would also be helpful if you have one). Please add your name and contact details if you would like further information about the project, but you may also make an anonymous contribution if you prefer. All information will be selected and treated respectfully. Images illustrating your account are welcomed too, but not essential. The project is ongoing, but responses received before 31st August 2019 are likely to be included in an exhibition at Cotley Tithe Barn (see the Somerset Art Weeks 2019 guide for the venue details).

Please send your words and details by email to: including the following:





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