Mapping of environment

The past month has been spent settling into my new creative environment at Clayhill Arts and mapping out ideas to be explored over the next few months. Journey and travel are key components of my art practice and I already sense the atmosphere here at Clayhill Arts will greatly influence and drive this current project.

I am beginning to work more site-specifically both with the location and sourced materials. This has prompted me to revisit the process of creating ‘eco-pigments’ after being captivated by this fusing of nature and paint.

These organic pigments are being generated through plants and other natural materials collected both on my travels and around the landscape of Clayhill Arts. I am enjoying being immersed in the research of this intriguing practice and look forward to sharing the results.

Maps are another element being entwined into my art as I am fascinated by the lines of travel I have pursued. Using the patterns formed from the paths I have taken, I am finding new ways to incorporate this into my body of work.

It’s now 3 months until Somerset Art Weeks festival and this work in progress will be part of the exhibition here at Clayhill Arts. Whilst working alongside and exhibiting with artists Emma Housley and Pennie Elfick, I am excited to see what unravels over the next few months.