Clayhills experience

I was recently lucky enough to attend a creative talk at clayhill arts. It was a great experience to see other artists talk about there work as well as meeting new people. The talk really made you think about why we make objects as well as how do others interact with our art. This for me was really valuable as it opened up some questions about my own practice and how I can get the public to not only understand my work but how an audience may feel about it.

Rachel colley was a guest as well as lynne speak, both of their art practices examined human interaction as well as being aware of our current environmental struggles, this was a great insight into both artists work and how they make objects.

Having not been to clayhill arts before it was a real pleasure to explore the grounds as well as viewing a studio space with other creative pathways ladies Megan and Emma. This was a great chance to see other people’s studio spaces and their practices.

Thinking of my own art works and how others interact with my objects, was something I know I needed to be more aware of, but being in an environments watching others, and how they interact with new and strange things was great it gave me lots of ideas on how I can layout my artwork as well as how to open up conversations about new works.