August – Meet the artists of Teen Dream!

I have selected these three artists, as I loved their proposals, and felt a connection to their work – whether it be for this specific exhibition or their personal practice.

Penelope Lee


Penelope Lee is a fine art and analogue photographer based in the South West of England. Having recently graduated from Falmouth University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography. Lee’s practice removes the audience from their familiar vantage point and leaves an opening for the connection of individual experience. Combining her interest in literature with mixed media and the archival, her layered narratives become tethered to themes of structure, reality, time and movement.

Oliver Kirham


Oliver Kirkham’s conceptual artworks gravitate toward the unseen and the everyday, but manifest in many different ways. With notional materiality as a core subject, Kirkham’s work explores how quotidian semiotics can map the transgressive potential of performativity and its relationship to all people; artists and spectators alike.

Lydia Carter


Lydia Carter is an 18 year old art student living in South Somerset, currently studying an art foundation, in the past two years she has had portraits featured in the Black Swan and has had illustrations featured in a published children’s book. Although Carter specialises in figurative painting, she also has a keen interest in the natural world. The inspiration for the majority of Carter portraits come from music and cinema, both of which she has a passion for.